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Premium Large Cat Scratcher - Luna

Premium Large Cat Scratcher - Luna

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Carpet Type Eco-Friendly

Our mostly playful and interactive design yet, Luna stands at just over 180cm tall and boasts a wide sturdy base for all Cats & Kittens. The 170cm sisal post allows cats to climb their way to the top, those older can choose the 40cm steps. The top provides a huge 80cm x 60cm platform to view the world, once a nap is in order they can simply climb in to the 40cm round sleeping Nook. Below is a huge 40cm x 40cm Den with easy access through a side hole. Continue down to find another sleeping Nook and two rope toys to entertain. Scratch, sleep, play.... Luna has it all!


Australian made premium carpet, 100% Australian plantation grown pine MDF, 304 stainless steel hardware, Recycled cardboard tubes, and Natural biodegradable sisal rope


Stature 182cm and Footprint 80cm x 60cm

Care Instructions

Vacuum frequently to remove hair and debris and Follow carpet cleaner instructions to remove stains

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    • Style

      Packed full of features including two sleeping nooks a den and two rope toys. A sleek design with five platforms providing cats with an abundance of areas to scratch, sleep, and play.

    • Comfort

      Soft, high quality, Australian manufactured Eco-Friendly twist pile carpet with natural biodegradeble sisal rope.

    • Space

      Takes up 100cm x 70cm of floor space and stands 182cm tall