In case you were wondering...


Is everything made in Australia?

Yes, we manufacture each piece to order right here in Brisbane Australia.

What is the difference between Premium and Eco-Friendly Carpet?

Premium carpet is extra heavy duty residential carpet commonly use for high foot traffic areas such as stairs. It has a top 6* rating giving your cat an ultra plush and durable experience. We have three beautiful colours to match any decor.

Eco-Friendly carpet simply failed a final inspection at the factory and is thrown in landfill. We collect it from the manufacturer saving it from landfill, and turn it into a beautiful scratching post. You cannot choose your exact colour, but we do give you options of Grey, Brown or Cream and will do our best to deliver this. If you are looking to save a few dollars and look after our planet please choose an Eco-Friendly product.

Do you have replacement parts?

Yes, all parts of a bosscat scratcher can be replaced. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Are they easy to build?

Yes, very easy! We use a unique connecting system and have a simple instruction guide for you to follow.

Can I choose a colour from your Eco-Friendly range?

Yes, you are able to choose your preference from Grey, Brown or Cream. We will do our best to match your first choice, however due to carpet supplies we may match your second choice. If you would like an exact colour match please choose from our Premium range.

Will you recover my old scratching post for free?

Yes! Sustainability and protecting our planet is extremely important to us. To save our products from landfill, we will recover all carpet and sisal posts for free for life. How it works... 1) once your post is worn out, contact us here to start the free recover process 2) we will ask for a picture to confirm it's a genuine bosscat post and in need of a free recover 3) ship the post back to bosscat in Brisbane 4) we recover and ship back to you free of charge 5) rebuild your bosscat scratcher, as good as new!