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Premium Tall Cat Scratching Post - Pepa

Premium Tall Cat Scratching Post - Pepa

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Carpet Type Eco-Friendly
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Designed for the cat or kitten who likes to be the king of the castle, the Pepa is over a metre tall, allowing a full-stretch scratch for even the longest feline. The Pepa platform easily sits above window ledges for kitties who like to watch the world go by outside.


Australian made premium carpet, 100% Australian plantation grown pine MDF, 304 stainless steel hardware, Recycled cardboard tubes, and Natural biodegradable sisal rope (Sisal Rope Variant Only)


Stature 106cm and Footprint 50cm x 50cm

Care Instructions

Vacuum frequently to remove hair and debris, Follow carpet cleaner instructions to remove stains, and In the event of loosening, tighten post using hex key

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    • Style

      Extra tall scratching post with platform, designed to give a full stretch for larger cat breeds.

    • Comfort

      Soft, high quality, Australian manufactured twist pile carpet or natural biodegradeble sisal rope on scratching post.

    • Space

      Compact footprint suitable for smaller spaces, over 105cm in height to allow window visibility.