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Eco-Friendly Cat & Kitten Scratcher - Franco

Eco-Friendly Cat & Kitten Scratcher - Franco

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The Franco is a cat cave, sleeping nook, and scratcher in one stylish compact design. Cats and kittens alike will be entertained for hours as they play together in, out, or on top of this scratching post. When playtime is over your cat can curl up in the hidden cave within, or in the top nook above, to recharge.


Australian made Eco-Friendly carpet, 100% Australian plantation grown pine MDF, 304 stainless steel hardware, and Recycled cardboard tubes


Stature 42cm and Footprint 43cm round

Care Instructions

Vacuum frequently to remove hair and debris and Follow carpet cleaner instructions to remove stains

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    • Style

      Enclosed sleeping cave and external sleeping nook, deisgned for sleep and play.

    • Comfort

      Soft, high quality, Australian manufactured carpet.

    • Space

      Lightweight and portable, perfect to take on holidays or move around the house.