Welcome to bosscat

Welcome to bosscat

Because cats are people too.

Whilst this is a little joke we volley around here at bosscat, it actually forms the heart of what we do every day. We don’t simply manufacture cat furniture, we design lifestyle pieces that acknowledge your cat as a critical part of your family. Together, you are clowder.

Your cat is there when you get home. They are there when you wake up – right up in your face, probably. They are up and onto your lap as soon as you sit down. They are certainly there when you crack open the fridge. And they are right there by your side when you’ve had one of those days.

So what does this have to do with scratching posts?

A heck of a lot, actually.

Because cats are people, they feel better when they have their own things. Just like you, your cat is territorial and thrives when they have their own domain. Somewhere they can stretch out, scratch, and sleep. To pounce, stalk, spend time in contemplation, or just plain clean their own bum.

At bosscat, we call it: scratch, sleep, play.

In a nutshell: we design furniture that enables your cat to be the happiest person they can be. We trial designs, re-design, re-make, re-jig, re-trial…until we think we have it right. Until we have a product that helps your cat feel like the monarch of their very own castle. So you can make them a teensy bit as happy as they make you.

In terms of how we do this?

We have a very small team who all wear multiple hats. Luckily for us, we like hats. We work together to hand build every bosscat piece that leaves our factory. Each stage of production is shared, which means multiple sets of eyes are checking that your purchase is of the highest standard. We source materials using Australian products and businesses unless absolutely impossible, and we are all about finding creative ways to leave our smallest eco-footprint.

Basically, we like to go to sleep at night knowing that what we do actually makes a positive difference.

Welcome to the bosscat clowder.

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