The bosscat brand is all about creating beautiful furniture for your cat and home using Australian materials and supply chains wherever possible. Based in Queensland, we start our supply search in our local radius before moving further afield. The search to shift our Australian percentage is ongoing.

All our products are designed by our small team with the intent of developing furniture that both cats and humans alike will love. We focus on aesthetics, stature, footprint and providing a balance of ‘lounge realestate’ and play opportunities for all cat personalities.

Every piece is hand built by our team from the ground up, using carpet remnants sourced from local business that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Our pursuit for sustainable materials continues.

Complementing our scratching ranges, bosscat snugs are the icing on our cake. They are pure Australian craftsmanship. This product maximises a cat’s natural affinity with wool, creating an irresistible sleeping space. They are made from sustainable wool, sourced from White Gum Wool in Oatlands Tasmania, where sheep are not slaughtered for meat after three years, but are allowed to live their natural term lives. WGW sheep flock updates can be found on instagram.